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Fire protection glass and fire-rated glass

Glass manufacturers have developed a range of fire resistant and security glasses adding strength and integrity that allows glass to be used in areas where safety is critical.


In the event of fire, we face threats like hot gases, toxic smoke, dangerous heat transmission and fire spread to other parts of the building due to breakage behavior of conventional glass products. These threats put at risk the safe evacuation of people and protection of property. Vetrotech Saint-Gobain fire protection glass solutions are able to resist such threats, ensure life safety and suit the requirements of a complete range of building applications –  including aesthetically appealing system solutions for seamless architectural integration.


Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

Discover our certified range of fire-resistant systems.


Contraflam Structure

Pyroswiss SBS




Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

Did you know that most fatalities resulting from fires are caused by smoke inhalation? With E-class fire-resistant glass, you make sure that openings due to early breakage or melting of the glass don’t risk people’s lives. Standard float, wired and tempered glass offer little or no resistance in case of fire. E-class fire protection glass provides a physical barrier against passage of flames, smoke and hot, toxic gases.

Radiation Reduction

Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

Did you know that fire can also spread by way of heat radiation? By reducing the amount of energy passing through EW-classified fire-resistant glass you can certainly prevent fire from spreading and create safe evacuation passages.

Fire-protection glass tested in accordance with the EW classification provides similar protection to E-class fire resistant glass, but with the added benefit of limiting the amount of radiant energy that passes through the glass.

to less than 15 kW/m2 at a separation distance of one meter.


Vetrotech Fire Resistant Glass

Did you know that fire can be completely insulated to keep secured areas almost unharmed? EI-classified, fire-resistant glass compartmentalises and prevents spread of fire, while ensuring safe evacuation. Fire-protection glass with the EI classification provides similar protection to integrity glass, plus high-level thermal insulation. This serves to compartmentalize fire and protect critical fire-separation areas.



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