SATINOVO® MATT – Acid-Etched Frosted Glass

SATINOVO® MATT offers the look of frosted glass which has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. A translucent product, it allows light to transmit through it whilst providing high levels of obscuration and vision control, ideal for creating stunning interior designs.

SATINOVO® MATT is produced by acid-etching one face of clear or extra clear float glass. On request PARSOL® body-tinted glass can also be etched to produce coloured SATINOVO® MATT. SATINOVO® privacy glass is intended primarily for interior applications and offers the same benefits of flexibility of processing and installation, durability and maintenance as ordinary float glass.

It forms part of the Saint-Gobain decorative glass range, which in combination with other products can also offer:

  • Noise reduction, when used in conjunction or applied to STADIP® SILENCE
  • Safety and Security, when used in conjunction with products from the STADIP® range
  • Thermal insulation, when used in conjunction with the PLANITHERM® range
  • Solar control, when used in conjunction with the COOL-LITE® range.


daylight comfort

Daylight comfort



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It can also be used in external glazing, in windows and doors for example. We recommend that the acid-etched glass surface faces either the inside of the sealed unit or the inside of the building, if single glazed. In both interior screens and external glazing, SATINOVO® MATT provides privacy by obscuring unwanted attention and distractions, without compromising light levels. It has very similar light transmittance figures to the equivalent thickness of ordinary float glass.

Thanks to its satin-smooth surface, SATINOVO® MATT does not easily mark with dirt or fingerprints for example. A low maintenance product, any surface marks that may eventually form are easily removed, facilitating ease of installation and longevity of appearance. These properties are inherent to the glass – no additional surface treatments are required.

As an annealed glass, SATINOVO® MATT can be cut, drilled, notched, edgeworked, bevelled, screen-printed, toughened and laminated.

SATINOVO® MATT Applications

SATINOVO® MATT frosted glass can be used in numerous interior design applications in both residential and commercial settings such as:

  • Doors
  • Partitions and interior screens
  • Furniture, for example: cupboard doors, shelves, tables
  • Wall cladding
  • Signage
  • Balustrades and guarding
  • Shopfitting: displays and countertops