Transforming Glass Recycling With Glass Forever

Glass is a highly versatile material that has remarkable remanufacturing capabilities. Despite its infinite recyclability, the extent of its potential as a remanufactured product is often overlooked. At Saint-Gobain Glass, we’ve been leading an industry change, pioneering a closed-loop approach to glass manufacturing.

transforming glass recycling
glass forever

Our Closed-Loop Approach

Working closely with our customers, we actively divert waste glass from landfill and remanufacture it into new, recycled glass, known as cullet, at our specialised facility in Eggborough. Our ambitious goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with 50% of all glass manufactured at Eggborough using cullet from our Glass Forever Recycling Programme by 2030.

Post-consumer double-glazed units are typically sent to landfill or used in low-grade applications such as road aggregate. Instead, Saint-Gobain Glass re-manufactures this waste cullet into new glass at our Eggborough plant.

Why Glass Forever Matters

In the face of the climate emergency, rising energy costs, and depletion of natural resources used in glass manufacturing, it’s crucial that we re-evaluate our production processes. As an industry, we must be more responsible and sustainable in our operations which is why, at Saint-Gobain Glass, we have proudly developed Glass Forever, our pioneering glass recycling programme.

Cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious practices come together to transform the cullet into new glass at our Eggborough facility, reducing the environmental impact of glass production. This contributes to a circular economy, where materials are reused, minimising waste, and conserving vital resources.

Glass Forever Embodies Our Steadfast Dedication To:

minimising co2 emissions no bg
Minimising CO2 emissions

Minimising CO2 emissions throughout manufacturing, including raw materials – addressing scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

decreasing consumption no bg
Decreasing consumption

Decreasing the consumption of resources at every stage of the glass manufacturing process.

preserving natural resources
Preserving natural resources

Preserving our planet’s invaluable natural resources through long-term sustainable practices

What Actions Are Saint-Gobain Glass Taking?

Supporting increased levels of post-consumer glass recycling, we’ve developed and patented a fully mobile glass-crushing machine. Currently in operation in commercial deconstruction projects across the UK, this crusher is housed inside a recycled shipping container for easy transportation. Engineered and manufactured in the UK, it efficiently recovers glass on job sites, reinforcing our dedication to a closed-loop approach

glass forever

Practical And Sustainable Methods For Glass Recovery

We work together with our partners to create practical and sustainable methods for glass recovery. The project’s scope, location, and your company’s operations scale may vary, but our technical expertise and supportive approach remain consistent. If you want to learn more about the available glass return options, you can contact your Area or Territory Sales Managers, reach out to the Technical Team at Saint-Gobain Glass, or contact us directly for further assistance.