Leading A Sustainable Revolution

At Saint-Gobain Glass, sustainable responsibility is at the core of our business operations. Our proactive pledge to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 is characterised by several actions, one of which is cullet recycling.

Cullet Recycling: A Sustainable Revolution

Utilising glass waste, (cullet) in our manufacturing process is integral to our sustainability commitment. Reducing the requirement for virgin raw materials, our innovative approach significantly reduces the embodied carbon levels in all new glass produced at our cutting-edge plant in Eggborough, Yorkshire. Beyond resource conservation, this approach champions a sustainable and responsible manufacturing method, providing improved glazing solutions for homeowners and commercial applications.

Cullet glass, sourced from two primary streams, plays a crucial role in our sustainability journey. Pre-consumer glass waste, generated during our customers’ manufacturing processes, and post-consumer glass waste from homes and commercial buildings throughout the UK are carefully collected and transported to our Eggborough plant for processing and remanufacturing into new high-performance glass products.

cullet recycling

Why Remanufacture And Recycle Cullet Glass?

By remanufacturing poorly performing windows and facades into new higher-performance flat glass, we are actively contributing towards the UK’s net-zero target, helping to combat climate change.

Glass manufactured at Eggborough uses cullet glass recovered from pre-consumer and post-consumer end-of-life windows and facades.
We are making extensive investments in advanced technologies to optimise our cullet recycling so that together, with our partners, we can build a strong foundation for a more resilient and sustainable glass future.

One tonne of crushed glass saves 1.2 tonnes of virgin raw materials

One tonne of crushed glass saves enough energy to power an average home for six months

One tonne of crushed glass prevents 700kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere (Scope 1, 2 and 3)

How To Take Part In Our Cullet Recycling Programme

We collaborate with our partners to establish practical and sustainable methods for glass recovery. The scope of the project, its location, and the scale of your company’s operations may vary, but our technical expertise and supportive approach are consistent. To learn more about the glass return options available, you can get in touch with your Area or Territory Sales Managers, contact the Technical Team at Saint-Gobain Glass, or reach out to us directly for further assistance.