Fire-resistant glass products are essential in helping to achieve safe living and working environments.

Here at Glassolutions, we provide a wide range of fire-resistant glass options. Benefit from our technical expertise to ensure optimal safety and performance for your fire glass application, alongside seamless delivery options that guarantee timely access to our extensive selection of fire glass solutions, providing peace of mind for your projects.

fire glass

enhanced safety

Enhanced safety

fire glass

Fire glass

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Fire glass classifications

Fire glass can have multiple applications and classifications depending on its use in a building. Glassolutions’ specialist technical team is available to guide you through the differences and correct configurations required for your specific projects.

Understanding Fire Glass

E – Integrity

As the minimum requirement stated by the UK Building Regulations, E offers a base level of fire performance, acting as a barrier against smoke and flame it does not prevent the transmission of heat

EW – Integrity and Radiation

Fire glass with EW classification maintains the same level of protection against smoke and flame as E but, in addition, will also deliver a reduction in the amount of radiant heat transmitted to the protected side

EI – Integrity and Insulation

The EI classification offers the highest level of protection. Acting as a robust barrier against smoke and flame, EI fireproof glass also delivers a significant reduction in the amount of heat transferred through the glass, keeping the average temperature of the exposed side to below 140˚  C

It is important to note that, whilst the classification provides a guide on the level of protection offered by the glass, the length of time protection is maintained can vary depending on the final specification. Typically, fire-rated glass offers protection ranging from 30 minutes to as long as 180 minutes.

Our fire glass range

Depending on your requirements our fire glass range can provide the following benefits and solutions:

  • 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes fire resistance
  • Internal and external applications
  • Solutions for steel, aluminium and timber frames
  • Ideal for partitions, facades, doors, windows, overhead glazing and floor applications
  • Can be combined with other Saint-Gobain Glass products, such as Low E, solar control, decorative, acoustic glass, or a combination for maximum benefits

Options available in the fire-proof glass ranges:


  • Resin Laminate
  • Fire resistant interlayer
  • Stock form
  • Readily available
  • Lead time 1-3 days
  • Cuts like laminate


  • Insulated thicker glass
  • Made to order
  • Multi laminate
  • Lead times 20-25 days