BIOCLEAN® – Roof Glass With Self-Cleaning Properties

BIOCLEAN® glass uses sunlight and rain to keep your windows cleaner for longer. Reducing how often you need to clean your windows, BIOCLEAN® glass not only saves you time and effort but also conserves water, contributing to lower water consumption.

In addition to being self-cleaning, our BIOCLEAN® glass offers excellent solar control benefits. It helps to regulate indoor temperatures by reducing the amount of heat entering through the windows, enhancing comfort and lowering your energy bills.

Our range of low maintenance self-cleaning glass is available in a choice of coloured tints to complement your framing system or enhance your view of the world.

energy efficient

Energy efficient


Reduced overheating

thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

low maintenance

Low maintenance

solar control

Solar control

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BIOCLEAN® self-cleaning roof glass encompasses a special transparent coating embedded into the outer surface, which helps the glass stay cleaner for longer. It works by utilising daylight’s ultraviolet rays to break down any dirt into smaller particles. The rain or waterjet then naturally washes the dirt away.

Due to the nature of the coating, our self-cleaning glass performs when on a gradient, allowing the water to flow across the glass and avoiding any streaks formed by water droplets.

BIOCLEAN® acts 100% naturally by exploiting the dual action of daylight and rainwater.

how bioclean works

BIOCLEAN® is activated by the sun’s UV rays creating a photocatalytic process that breaks down dirt present on the surface of the glass.

bioclean how it works

BIOCLEAN® has hydrophilic properties, helping the water run off the glass surface easily, washing away the dirt, leaving your windows clean.

Tinted Roof Glass Options With Self-Cleaning Properties

BIOCLEAN® is available on both clear and a range of tinted glass options, specially selected to complement your frames, or enhance your view to the outside world.

Along with enhanced aesthetics, tinted roof glass supports the reduction in heat entering your room by absorbing some of the sun’s heat, making your space more comfortable all year round. For maximum comfort choose our BIOCLEAN®+ range which incorporates additional solar control properties into the coating, to further minimise overheating, particularly in the summer months.




Dark grey tinted roof glass, perfect for anthracite frames.



Blue tinted roof glass designed to enhance any skyline.



Bronze tinted roof glass designed to complement wooden window frames.


saint-gobain glass


Clear roof glass designed to see the world in its natural beauty.

saint-gobain glass


Green tinted roof glass perfect for complementing nature.



Blue tinted roof glass designed to enhance any skyline.

Glass Type Tint U-Value
(the lower the number, the more internal heat remains in your home)
(the lower the number, the less heat transmitted into your home)
(the % of light entering the room)
Mariana Ultra Grey 1.0 0.08
(99% of heat blocked)
Azura Blue 1.0 0.33
(67% of heat blocked)
Solara Bronze 1.0 0.34
(66% of heat blocked)
Natura+ Clear 1.0 0.30
(70% of heat blocked)
Aqua+ Green 1.0 0.18
(82% of heat blocked)
Azura+ Blue 1.0 0.17
(83% of heat blocked)
Each of our roof glass options is combined into an insulated glass unit with BIOCLEAN® on the outer pane (face 1) and PLANITHERM® ONE-T on the inner pane (face 3). Figures are based on 4mm-16mm-4mm DGU configuration.

BIOCLEAN® Applications

BIOCLEAN® has been designed for external use in residential or commercial buildings, including:

  • Overhead glazing
  • Rooflights
  • Roof lanterns
  • Conservatories
  • Glazed facades
  • Skylights
  • Overhead and glazed atrium