ORAÉ® – Fully EPD Verified, Low-Carbon Glass

As the world’s first EPD-verified low-carbon glass, ORAÉ® has been developed with a sustainability-first perspective, reducing carbon emissions, and helping to advance the circular economy without compromising on aesthetics or technical standards.

Achieving a remarkably low carbon footprint of 6.64 kg of CO2 eq./m2 for a 4 mm glass, as an energy efficient glass, ORAÉ® owes its eco-friendly credentials to a robust combination of factors. Notably, it incorporates an impressive 64% recycled content alongside the utilisation of renewable electricity sources.

The COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® stands out for its dual excellence in both embodied and operational carbon levels, owing to two key factors:

  • ORAÉ® achieves its exceptionally low carbon footprint through a strategic blend of high recycled glass content, comprising approximately 70% of cullet, including 55% external cullet, and the utilisation of renewable energy sources. This innovative approach favourably positions ORAÉ® in the market, as it boasts a remarkable 40% reduction in carbon footprint compared to our standard products.
  • The COOL-LITE® XTREME coatings contribute significantly to energy efficiency, further minimising carbon emissions generated by energy consumption during the building’s usage. With its outstanding performance in terms of daylight intake, solar control, and thermal insulation, COOL-LITE® XTREME® enhances the overall sustainability profile of ORAÉ®, offering a comprehensive solution for sustainability conscious projects.
energy efficient

Energy efficient

enhanced safety

Enhanced safety


Reduced overheating

thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

enviro friendly

Environmentally friendly

enhanced security

Enhanced security

low carbon

Low carbon

solar control

Solar control

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Key Product Details

  • COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® is available in standard sizes and thicknesses (4, 6, 8 and 10mm).
  • The COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® can be assembled in double or triple glazing.
  • COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® delivers the same high performance and quality as COOL-LITE® XTREME PLANICLEAR® but with a lower carbon footprint.
  • The COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® is fully EPD verified.
Product Ug-Value 1 Light
Transmission (LT)
Solar Factor
Reduction vs.
W/m2K (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (kg CO2 eq/m2) (%)
COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/73 ORAE® 1.0 70 33 2.12 11 13 24 -40%
COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/73 II ORAE® 1.0 70 33 2.12 11 13 27 -36%
COOL-LITE® XTREME 61/29 ORAE® 1.0 61 29 2.1 11 14 24 -40%
COOL-LITE® XTREME 61/29 II ORAE® 1.0 61 29 2.1 11 15 27 -36%
COOL-LITE® XTREME 50/22 II ORAE® 1.0 47 21 2.24 16 18 27 -36%
Standard build-up double glazing unit (DGU) 6/16/4 mm – coating on Face 2, 90% Argon
1 according to EN673
2 according to EN410
3 Global Warming Potential (GWP) A1-A3 Stages: The GWP values with ORAÉ®, are estimations based on our Life Cycle Assessment model. Data were collected during the 4 ORAÉ® campaigns made in 2022. The detailed environmental data is documented through third party-verified environmental product declarations – EPDs – which are available at www.calumen.com.
4 Global Warming Potential (GWP A1-A3 Stages) values with PLANICLEAR® are calculations made with Calumen regarding the composition computed based on the standard EN 15804+A2. Estimations
based on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of our products. Only complete Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) can be verified by an external third party. GWP calculations of any glazing configuration with PLANICLEAR® can already be made on www.calumen.com.
5 All panes of the DGU with the same substrate; first pane respectively annealed or tempered (II) with the same glass compositions; counter panes always annealed.

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