Vintage Style Mirrors For Classic Interior Design

A vintage style mirror will bring a classic sophistication to your space, no matter where it’s placed. MIRALITE® ANTIQUE and MIRALITE® VERSAILLES are high quality antique style mirror ideally suited to just about any room in your home whether it be your hallway, living room, dining room or bedroom. They are also widely used in commercial premises such as hotels, restaurants, theatres and bars.

They are designed to give the effect of age and tradition to create classic, refined interiors. However, these antique looking mirror have been manufactured according to the latest quality, production and environmental standards.

Vintage style mirrors fulfil a practical purpose, but they also have an aesthetic appeal that can elevate your interior design. They breathe light into a home, reflecting natural daylight and, at night, the warm, flickering glow of candlelight.

Make a design statement, enjoy a timeless classic or indulge in a more subtle look – all our antique style mirrors make a great centrepiece in any room.


  • MIRALITE® ANTIQUE clear mirror
  • MIRALITE® ANTIQUE grey mirror
  • MIRALITE® ANTIQUE bronze mirror
  • MIRALITE® VERSAILLES clear mirror
  • MIRALITE® VERSAILLES bronze mirror

MIRALITE® ANTIQUE and MIRALITE® VERSAILLES vintage style mirrors are available in 4mm and 6mm glass and in dimensions of 3210 x 2250 mm.



enhanced safety

Enhanced safety

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The MIRALITE® RANGE – Safety and Availability

Manufactured by an industrial mirror process, MIRALITE® ANTIQUE and MIRALITE® VERSAILLES antique looking mirrors are durable and can be cleaned using standard domestic glass cleaning products.

A protective plastic film is applied to the reverse of the mirror when used in areas where impacts can occur. The film prevents the glass mirror from shattering into large shards, and provides extra safety in the event of impact or accidental damage, with no adverse effect on the appearance of the mirror.


  • MIRALITE® ANTIQUE and MIRALITE® VERSAILLES can be cut to size and shape, and processed in the same way as a standard mirror.
  • For gluing, use mirror glue and/or mirror adhesive, in compliance with professional practices and regulations.

MIRALITE® Applications

MIRALITE® ANTIQUE and MIRALITE® VERSAILLES antique looking mirrors reflect a soft and warm light and are chosen by interior designers for their authentic aged appearance. They can be used in:

  • Large internal wall coverings and cladding
  • Mirrors for bathrooms
  • Mirrors for wardrobes
  • Sliding doors in public areas such as lobbies, staircases, elevators and other high traffic, stylish shopping areas
  • Furniture surfaces and framed mirrors in bars, restaurants, hotels, theatres and retail spaces