PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ Advanced Performance Low-E Glass

PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is a high performance low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. This energy efficient glass has been developed and manufactured in the UK, specifically for the particular needs of the UK market.

With its optimised balance of low emissivity and high solar gain, PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is one of the most energy efficient low-E glass products available under the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) Window Energy Rating (WER) scheme.

This performance advantage can help fabricators and installers comfortably meet the Window Energy Rating band B requirements of Document L of the Building Regulations using standard double glazed units for the majority of windows.

Indeed, many standard window designs will now achieve a minimum B rating, allowing for application to be endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, with the added ability to reach A+ ratings using double or triple glazing (depending on the complete window system).

daylight comfort

Daylight comfort

thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

energy efficient

Energy efficient

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Offering an extremely versatile low-E glass solution, PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is suitable for a wide range of domestic applications, including windows, skylights, and external doors including patio and French doors.

PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is an offline coated low-E glass that can be used as a single version in both annealed and toughened form. Critically, once toughened, the coating retains the same technical characteristics and aesthetic qualities. For applications requiring safety glass, PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ can be readily toughened to meet the requirements of BS EN 12150.

PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is available as STADIP® and STADIP® PROTECT laminated glass in most common configurations. Laminated glass offers safety and security performance as well as UV filtration.



Standard sizes


3210 x 6000

3210 x 2550

3210 x 2250


3210 x 6000

3210 x 2550

3210 x 2250

6.4mm (33.1)

3210 x 2550

6.8mm (33.2)

3210 x 2550

Benefits To Glass Processors

  • PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is a ‘single stock’ product; the same version can be used in either annealed or toughened form. This significantly reduces stockholdings, freeing up warehouse space, as well as simplifying logistics and production planning
  • It is durable and easy to process, helping to ensure that finished units are of the highest quality
  • As a durable, single version product, PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ low-E glass can help to improve processing optimisation in terms of cutting, planning, and ‘right first time’ yields
  • Manufactured in the UK, PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ is available in a range of thicknesses and dimensions

Benefits To Homeowners And Fabricators

Double glazed units incorporating PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ (4(16)4 double glazed unit with PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ on face 3 and 90% argon gas filling) offer more than double the insulation, compared to a 4(16)4 uncoated double-glazed unit filled with air. Benefits of the product include:

  • Help to reduce heating bills
  • Eliminates cold areas around windows
  • Maximises the amount of natural light into the home, without haze or tint effects
  • Helps ensure compliance with current Building Regulations requirements for most frame types and designs
  • Exceptional Window Energy Rating performance thanks to the optimised balance between a low U-value and high solar gain

The PLANITHERM TOTAL+ coating is remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection as opposed to traditional hard coated low-emissivity (low–E) glass products which typically suffer from a noticeable tint:

  • White curtains remain looking white from outside
  • No discolouration of Georgian bars

PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ offers a high level of light transmittance, maximising the entry of natural daylight into the property. This type of coating also benefits from the lack of ‘haze effect’ commonly associated with hard coated products.