PARSOL® ULTRA GREY – Intense Grey Tinted Float Glass

PARSOL® ULTRA GREY glass is highly prized by designers for its unique deep grey, nearly black gloss appearance. This versatile, stylish grey tinted glass is ideally suited to elegant interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as furniture design and external facades.

Its exceptionally intense colour and very low light transmission of 10% can help to create intimate, cosy, and sophisticated spaces. Combine the bold colour of PARSOL® ULTRA GREY with calmer tones to achieve a spectacular, but well-balanced effect. Combining this dark grey glass with other materials, modern colours, and designer solutions will certainly deliver an impactful and fashionable WOW factor.

PARSOL® ULTRA GREY is a highly body-tinted float glass, manufactured in the same way as standard float glass. This method ensures the PARSOL® ULTRA GREY glass has a high shine and intense grey colour. Its colour and opaqueness intensify with its thickness, so that its appearance changes from a dark grey in the 4mm thickness to a virtually opaque black in the 8mm thickness.




Reduced overheating



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The colour and opaqueness of PARSOL® ULTRA GREY tinted glass intensify with its thickness, providing different benefits across the range:

  • 4 and 6mm: privacy or vision control glass. When used between rooms as partition glass, dependent on the lighting, the inside of a lighter room can be observed without the viewer being seen. From the lighter side, the glass looks like black lacquered glass providing a one-way function.
  • 6mm and thicker: wall panelling or furniture glass. The glass is opaque enough to hide imperfections on a wall or cover the front of a cupboard or cabinet.
  • 8 and 10mm: appearance of virtually opaque black glass. The glass has a solid, stone-like appearance, reminiscent of onyx. These thicknesses expand the range of possible applications.


  • PARSOL® ULTRA GREY can be processed in the same way as conventional float glass.
  • When toughened, the glass can be exposed to intense heat sources and high humidity areas, including at the back of cooker hoods and in bathrooms.
  • It can be assembled in laminated glass for identical safety properties to the STADIP® range.
  • Curved for a rounded shape.
  • Acid-etched or screen-printed to customise for decoration.


Thickness  LT%  LR% 
4mm  10  4 
6mm  3  4 
8mm  1  4 

PARSOL® ULTRA GREY Tinted Glass Applications

With its variety of processing options and wide range of thicknesses, PARSOL® ULTRA GREY glass is ideal for a wide variety of applications:

  • Interior applications
  • Shower screens, bath screens
  • Shower cubicles
  • Splashbacks and cooker hood backs
  • Partitions and dividers
  • Wall panelling
  • Internal doors
  • Furniture
  • Tables and shelves
  • Cupboard and cabinet doors
  • External applications
  • Glazed facades
  • Spandrel areas

PARSOL® ULTRA GREY Glass Guidelines 

The installation options and recommendations for PARSOL® ULTRA GREY body-tinted glass are identical to those of a traditional float glass. For certain applications, it may be necessary to toughen or heat strengthen the glass.

Standards and Regulations 

PARSOL® ULTRA GREY complies with standard EN 572-2, and carries a CE mark.