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A range of high performance low-emissivity glass coatings


SGG PLANITHERM is Europe's best selling range of high performance low-emissivity products, incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology. Renowned for its extremely neutral appearance, SGG PLANITHERM very effectively reflects long-wave heat radiation back into a room, thereby minimising heat loss through a window while also maximising solar heat gain and natural light transmission.

Manufactured on SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS UK’s ‘magnetron’ coater, a combination of microscopically thin multiple metal oxide layers are applied to high quality SGG PLANICLEAR clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions. Depending on the composition of these transparent coating layers, several different products can be produced, distinguishable by the thermal performance, spectrophotometric values and processing characteristics. The SGG PLANITHERM range consists of the following coatings:

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SGG PLANITHERM is designed for use in all double glazing applications, in all frame types for both new-build and replacement markets: - windows and skylights in residential buildings and private domestic housing - conservatories and patio doors - windows and façades of non-residential buildings.

Monolithic glass
Manufacturing sizes
All SGG PLANITHERM products are available in the following standard thicknesses and dimensions:

Toughened Glass
SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is the first low-E glass of its kind that exists as a single version for both annealed and toughened requirements. Critically, the coating retains the same spectrophotometric characteristics and aesthetic qualities after toughening.

SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N II is a special version of SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N that must be toughened. Once toughened, this product acquires the same spectrophotometric characteristics and aesthetic qualities as annealed SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N
SGG PLANITHERM ONE T can also be used in either annealed or toughened form.

For applications requiring safety glass SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+, SGG PLANITHERM ONE T and SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N II can be readily toughened to meet the requirements of BS EN 12150.

Laminated Glass
SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+, SGG PLANITHERM ONE T and SGG PLANITHERM ULTRA N are available in most common laminated configurations using either a conventional PVB interlayers (SGG STADIP and SGG STADIP PROTECT) or an acoustic PVB interlayer (SGG STADIP SILENCE).

Laminated glass can offer improved safety, security or acoustic performance as well as filtering out UV radiation.

For dimensions and compositions: please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

The SGG PLANITHERM range can be combined with many other Saint-Gobain products, permitting a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options including:
• Self-cleaning and/or solar control glazing
• Acoustic insulation
• Safety and security
• Obscured and/or decorative glazing

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Product Range

Planitherm Energy Efficient Glass PLANITHERM® TOTAL+ 

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