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Glass shows its colors!

Change of name, new shades, the range of lacquered glass by Saint-Gobain has been completely redesigned.

This range of opaque decorative glazing is available in 26 shades. Its shiny and colourful appearance is achieved by applying a layer of very durable lacquer to the rear side of the glass. This product is suitable for all interior spaces in which color makes a contribution to the enhancement of ambiance, including wet rooms.


  • Design
  • Privacy


PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT from Saint-Gobain features adventurous colour schemes for contemporary interior decoration.

Available in 26 shades which co-ordinate seamlessly with natural material such as wood, metal or stone, PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT lacquered glass combines clarity of colour with depth and elegance of glass bringing quality and adventure to design settings. 

The gloss effect of PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT delivers a high shine colour which is obtained by applying a layer of highly resistant lacquer on the reverse side of the glass.

PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT inspires creative ideas for assembling modern commercial or domestic interiors. It is ideal for use in interior decoration for furniture, doors and partitions or wall-panelling.

Complementing the adventurous design and high impact shades of PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT, it is also offers unrivalled quality and durability for a long lasting effect.



The lacquered glass SGG PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT enhances interior spaces in the home and in non-residential buildings (offices, laboratories, hospitals etc.) by applying lacquer:


  • walls
  • furniture
  • furniture fronts
  • cupboard doors etc.


It is intended for all interior rooms, including in the kitchen and bathroom:

  • coffe tables
  • washbasin countertops
  • wall cladding
  • shower screens etc.



The transformation of SGG PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT lacquered glass is similar to that of a mirror: cutting, drilling, shaping, cutting, screen printing, sanding. When cutting, be careful to correctly position the lacquered side towards the wall support surface, dry and free from aggressive materials, in order to protect the lacquer.

Standard thicknesses and dimensions:

- 4 mm: 3,210 x 2,550 mm

- 6 mm: 3,210 x 2,400 mm

- other thicknesses and dimensions (contact us).

Area density:

4 mm: 10 kg/m²

6 mm: 15 kg/m²


SGG PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT lacquered glass can only be installed indoors, and in accordance with the regulations in force. It can be installed very simply and quickly by means of mechanical fixing (glazing rebate or fixing brackets) or by bonding, using neutral silicons and/or double-sided adhesive.

SGG PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT SAFE can also be mounted mechanically.



SGG PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT is very easy to maintain and can be simply cleaned using a clean, soft rag with a standard non-abrasive cleaning product for glass.

Standards and regulations

SGG PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT sets itself apart on account of its unparalleled quality and durability that exceeds all of the requirements of the European standards project (EN 16477).

It has a Class A rating within the context of this standard.

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