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Conservatory Glass from Saint-Gobain

Create a seamless connection between inside and out with our glass solutions for conservatory glazing

Purchasing a conservatory is a major decision, which depending upon the size, quality and design can be a significant investment. Other key considerations are, of course, style, appearance and comfort though it’s here where the glass you choose makes all the difference. You want your conservatory to look good and to suit your needs.

Opening up a living room onto the garden is often an easily achievable option. The glass conservatory provides a new living space while being visually open to its external environment. A conservatory glazing can also contribute positively to the home’s energy performance by capturing solar gain and contributing to heating in the cold months.



Surprisingly though, when considering a new conservatory, many people focus on the aesthetics, the frame, the shape and how it will complement the existing architecture of their home, but give significantly less thought to the choice of glass.

Your choice of conservatory glass for both the roof and vertical wall glazing will have a major impact on the overall feel and comfort of your conservatory, and choosing the right glass is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you will need to make. With our range of high specification conservatory glazing offering a host of benefits, making the right choice is now a whole lot easier.

Our conservatory roof glass range offers you a choice of high performing thermal insulating glazing, solar protection glazing, noise protection, attractive tints & aesthetics, privacy, low maintenance self-cleaning, or even burglar protection Each glass tint offers its own combination of solar control and glare reduction properties as well as an individual character to suit your own.

How do I choose my conservatory glazing?

It depends on what you need.

Thermal comfort

For comfort and energy savings, Enhanced Thermal Insulating glazing has become the minimum standard for conservatories. In winter, this glazing improves comfort by minimizing the cold wall phenomenon and protects the quality of the structure by reducing internal condensation. Highly appreciated on sunny days, Enhanced Thermal Insulating glazing, which also includes a solar protection function, reduces heat gain while allowing a high level of natural, although softened, light to filter in.

Without actually looking like a bioclimatic conservatory, using glass that combines thermal insulation and solar protection remains a key point for reducing overheating and glare.

Given their large glazed surfaces, conservatories receive a huge amount of natural light and solar energy.

In all seasons, maintain an agreeable temperature in the conservatory.

For example, glazing without solar protection may be chosen for facades with low exposure to the sun (facing north or east), especially if the conservatory glazing is in a cool to temperate climate zone.

On the other hand, for south and west orientations, especially in hot regions, it would be more appropriate to use glazing with a reduced solar factor, for example SGG PLANISTAR SUN or even SGG COOL-LITE XTREME 60/28 when there is high exposure to the sun’s rays.

Heating glazing

The thermal comfort of discrete and efficient radiating heat.

On a facade, SGG EGLAS glazing provides an additional or main heating solution which is particularly appropriate for conservatories.

SGG EGLAS can be almost invisibly built into window frames and provides very comfortable radiating heat (instant heat, no draughts or dust disturbance).

Large glazed surfaces provide soft and even heat in the surrounding space.

Space saving is another advantage of SGG EGLAS as there is no need to install voluminous radiators on the floor or against the conservatory walls. Additionally, it is connected directly to the power circuit thereby avoiding the use of bulky and unattractive transformers.

Of course a glass conservatory or an orangery can be a point of entry into the home for burglars. Our laminated glass protects against breaking and entry by significantly delaying glass breakage, which will continue to be an effective and dissuasive barrier against any attempt at intrusion. The use of laminated glass also gives an enhanced acoustic protection.

And finally, a conservatory glazing can be hard and long to clean. Thanks to BIOCLEAN spend more time relaxing and enjoying the view, rather than cleaning the windows!

It’s the glass that makes the difference for your dream conservatory!

When it comes to the future usefulness of your conservatory and the amount of upkeep that it is likely to require, it really is the glass that makes the difference, and choosing a conservatory that compliments your home, can also increase its value.

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