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Discover innovative home mirrors from Saint-Gobain

Health first and foremost with Saint-Gobain mirrors

Discover Saint-Gobain innovative mirrors with exceptional quality and purity

Whilst mirrors are often functional in an entrance, hallway or bathroom, they are also becoming an interior design feature in rooms where people live (family rooms, living rooms and bedrooms) as they can change their proportions and to create new effects when cleverly placed.



In commercial buildings, mirrors can shape and transform a space by offering new perspectives and depths. They sometimes have additional functions, such as one-way mirrors to play with views, antique mirrors, light and transparency. At businesses like beauty salons, clothing stores, etc., a mirror can become an essential work tool. In these situations, the quality of one's reflection and the subtle transformation of the original effect become crucial factors in customer satisfaction or purchasing decisions.

Mirrors incorporating LED lights can also be used as decorative and design objects to bring light patterns or simple lighting surfaces to life. New areas of design are  waiting to be explored.

Health first and foremost with Saint-Gobain home mirrors

Next-generation home mirrors are now replacing older silver coating processes in order to eliminate the health risks posed during their manufacture or use. To achieve a reflective effect, the new coatings applied to the back face of the glass are more environmentally-friendly and pose fewer risks to health.

The Saint-Gobain mirror glass featured in the SGG MIRALITE range are also designed and produced with a constant focus on saving energy and raw materials through the use of recycled glass in production. The absence of substances "of high concern" (see European REACH regulation) is certified by the production sites.

Saint-Gobain's European production process also limits the number of miles over which mirror glass sold in France are transported (plants in France, Italy, Germany, etc.), which reduces CO2 emissions and boosts employment in Europe.

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