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A unique decor

Digital printing on Glass

In addition to traditional screen printing technologies, digital printing technology takes design to a new and striking level of realism.  Your digital work is simply uploaded and printed … et voila!  Unbelievable resolution and durability that will match all your expectations.

Digital printing on glass is justified technically and economically for one-offs or short runs. For larger quantities based on the same design, more traditional silkscreen printing may be preferred.

All that is needed to achieve a new glass design is an image reproduced from a digital file. To create a unique ambiance or to use a personal creation on glass for your own enjoyment, digital printing is a solution that opens up new design possibilities.

The choice of a technical solution depends mainly on the desired application and reproduction fidelity. In addition to consulting this selection guide, feel free to contact a glass professional.

Glas for both safety and design!

All the digital printing techniques use safety glass:

• toughened glass for printing with enamel

• laminated glass for printing on film inserted inside the panels.

It is also possible to combine all these techniques, particularly to comply with regulatory requirements.

Use it for interior or exterior applications!

For exterior use or use in a wet area, enameled toughened glass is the most suitable technique. With laminated glass, it is preferable to protect the edges of the glass to avoid moisture penetration that could change the look of the peripheral parts of the designs.

Perfect decor reproduction fidelity

The printing sharpness, and therefore the reproduction fidelity of the image, depend on the definition of the digital file sent and on the minimum reproducible resolution for each of the proposed solutions. Enamel points are naturally more opaque than inks.

Don’t wait any longer and choose digital printing for a unique decor and a perfect reproduction fidelity!

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