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Performance meets sustainability

Saint-Gobain Glass has launched ORAE®, the world’s first low-carbon glass. 

Following a landmark technical innovation Saint-Gobain Glass can now offer a new glass with the lowest embodied carbon on the building façade market. This industry first was accomplished through a production combining high recycled glass content (around 70% of cullet) and renewable energy and forms part of the company’s plans to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

The world’s first low carbon glass ORAÉ® combined with the best in class solar control coatings

  • Significantly reduces the carbon footprint of construction
  • Accelerates the development of the circular economy
  • Produced with a high recycled glass content (around 70% of cullet)
  • Has an estimated carbon footprint of only 7 kg CO2 eq/m2 (for a 4mm substrate)
  • No compromise on technical or aesthetic performance.


COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® provides the best of both embodied and operational carbon levels, thanks to:

The exceptionally low carbon footprint of ORAÉ®, produced by combining high recycled glass content (around 70% of cullet, of which 55% of external cullet) and renewable energy. As a result, the new product offers the lowest carbon footprint on the market with a reduction of around 40% compared to our regular product.

The excellent energy performances of the COOL-LITE® XTREME coatings, which already drastically reduce carbon emissions generated by energy consumption, when using the building thanks to its high performance in terms of daylight intake, solar control and thermal insulation.