Glass Forever – Sternfenster: Transforming Waste Recycling

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Based in Lincoln, Sternfenster is a family-owned company specialising in the manufacture and installation of PVCu and aluminium doors, windows, and conservatories. Sustainability lies at the heart of operations for Sternfenster, evident through initiatives such as a fully electric vehicle fleet for the sales team and the installation of solar panels at their cutting-edge 110,000-square-foot factory. These panels contribute to 30% of the factory’s electricity usage, positively contributing to the company’s carbon emissions targets.

Diverting glass from landfill

During a glass networking event, Einars Kalva, Glass Production and Stores Manager at Sternfenster met Lee Glover, Sustainability and Net Zero Delivery Manager at Saint-Gobain Glass. Discussing the benefits and process of enhancing their glass recycling eorts with Glass Forever, a collaborative consultation resulted in Sternfenster positioning itself favourably to ensure that all glass supplied by Saint-Gobain Glass will either be incorporated into an end product or returned to Eggborough as cullet for recycling.

An essential aspect of this recycling initiative at Sternfenster is the inclusion of both pre-and post- consumer cullet being returned to the Saint-Gobain Glass plant in Eggborough, Yorkshire. This means that waste material from the production process and glass removed from residential properties during renovation and improvement works will be collected and remanufactured into new, high-performing glass.

Einars Kalva, Speaking on the Collaboration: “We’re really excited for Glass Forever and the opportunities this presents. Not only will we be able to advance our recycling practices through this programme, but we are also moving into a position to support our customers with glass collections that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. The collaborative nature of Sternfenster and Saint-Gobain Glass has facilitated a comfortable synergy and process that benefits our companies, the circular economy, and the environment.”

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