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The KpH Group, industry leader in Deconstruction Solutions and Environmental Services, approached the Saint-Gobain Glass specialist Sustainability Team in 2023 with an interest in joining our flagship glass recycling and sustainability initiative. Partnering with Saint-Gobain Glass, KpH received expert guidance as it began its journey towards glass sustainability with a high-profile deconstruction project in central London.

KpH embraced Glass Forever with a comprehensive approach, seeking to grasp the full circular economy of successful glass recycling. Collaborating with our teams, KpH gained valuable insights into the substantial benefits of glass recycling. For instance, we can save up to 1200 kg of virgin raw materials, including sand, soda ash, and limestone, for every tonne of cullet recovered and reintegrated into production. This not only mitigates natural resource depletion but also repurposes glass that might otherwise have become waste.

The KpH Group shares our unwavering commitment towards innovation and excellence. This commitment was exemplified during a deconstruction project in central London, which started for KpH in the final quarter of 2022 and is set to continue into Q2 of 2024.

KpH’s meticulous methodology and approach to project management facilitated a seamless collaboration with the Saint-Gobain Glass teams, enabling us to establish an efficient waste recycling model, which effectively segregated glass suitable for recycling from contaminants.

Expanding on KpH’s established commitment towards sustainability and resource reuse, in alignment with their social value initiatives, adding procedures for the safe and efficient collection of glass for recycling was a natural and very successful step forward. The positive outcome at the central London location will serve as a blueprint model for replication across other project sites, fostering an ongoing learning process where teams exchange knowledge and resources to further enhance sustainability initiatives and practices across the KpH group in partnership with Saint-Gobain Glass.

“KpH’s enthusiastic participation and wholehearted embrace of Glass Forever has successfully allowed Saint-Gobain Glass to shape a shining example of best practices in glass recovery within the deconstruction industry. It has been a pleasure working with Lyndsey and her proactive team, and I look forward to strengthening this partnership with our upcoming projects.” Richard Calcutt, Technical Project Manager, Saint-Gobain Glass.

Participation in Glass Forever was, without question, the right course of action for us. Saint-Gobain Glass experts provided invaluable guidance, facilitating an ongoing learning process that now enables us to implement this successful recycling model with our learnings to additional sites. At KpH, we continuously aspire to push boundaries to better serve our people, our environment, and our communities. Glass Forever was the perfect fit in helping our firm to establish our glass recycling efforts.
Commenting on the success, Lyndsey West, Director of Operations at KpH

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