The Black and White Building

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The Building

Showcasing a unique approach to workspace design with a strong emphasis on sustainability, this remarkable structure stands as the tallest engineered timber office building in central London, offering a flexible, shared workspace solution for businesses.

The Black and White building’s hybrid structure is a testament to modern engineering ingenuity, featuring a framework crafted from beech LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) complemented by CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) slabs and core. This design allows for the creation of expansive, open workspaces, eliminating the need for internal partition walls. Additionally, meticulous coordination of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems minimises visual disruption, ensuring adaptability to future needs.

The state-of-the-art timber framework is elegantly framed by a glazed curtain wall, providing ample natural light and connectivity to the surrounding environment. To mitigate solar heat gain, a second skin of vertical timber louvres offers effective solar shading. These louvres are strategically positioned based on a parametric model, which simulates the movement and impact of the sun against the building’s façade. This innovative approach, blending timber construction with advanced digital environmental analysis, exemplifies the evolution of 21st-century architecture.

The Glass

Used in the curtain walling of the building SGG COOL-LITE® SKN 183 delivers high light transmission capability. Its high light transmission capability is a key feature, flooding the interior spaces with abundant natural light and fostering a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond its impressive light transmission rate, SGG COOL-LITE® SKN 183 offers superior thermal insulation properties. This ensures the creation of a comfortable indoor environment while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, aligning perfectly with the sustainability objectives of the project.

Moreover, the glass’s effective solar control capacity is noteworthy, efficiently managing solar heat gain and ensuring optimal thermal comfort within the building throughout the day. The minimal external reflection of SGG COOL-LITE® SKN 183 further enhances its appeal, allowing for seamless integration with the building’s surroundings and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the façade.

Internally, the glass provides clear and unobstructed views, enhancing the visual experience for occupants and fostering a sense of connectivity with the external environment. This neutral and low internal reflection further contributes to the building’s overall design integrity and occupant comfort.

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The KpH Group, industry leader in Deconstruction Solutions and Environmental Services, approached the Saint-Gobain Glass specialist Sustainability Team in 2023 with an interest in joining our flagship glass recycling and sustainability initiative. Partnering with Saint-Gobain Glass, KpH received expert guidance as it began its journey towards glass sustainability with a high-profile deconstruction project in central London.

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