Glass Is On-Trend In Home Interior Design

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Decorative glass allows you to shape and define the use of space in your home without interrupting the flow of light within it. From furniture up-cycling to glass kitchen splashbacks, cases and cabinets, to decorative and patterned sliding glass doors and walls, interior glass is being used by leading designers to define and shape spaces around the home.

And it’s not only about creating a sense of openness and space. A new generation of home stylists are using glass in combination with increasingly bold colour palettes and decorative glass in impact statement installations.

“Clear glass has been paired in interior design with traditional materials, so wood, stone and metals, creating a very sophisticated and elegant combination to add a sense of luxury to spaces”, explains Jenni Young, Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions.

“Those established uses of glass in the home aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, what we are seeing, however, is a shift to use of glass in statement design.

“This includes an increasing use of mirrored glass, for example splashbacks or in combination with furniture, and decorative, patterned and privacy glass combined with internal partitioning, particularly as part of contemporary urban and loft-house style designs.”

How To Incorporate Glass Into Your Home

Kitchen Splashbacks
Kitchen splashbacks look great but also deliver a host of practical benefits, including easy cleaning putting an end to endless scrubbing of grout between tiles.

They also deliver masses of design flexibility, including patterned, mirrored or back-painted options.

“Glass splashbacks are highly practical; they easily wipe clean – whatever you throw at them while cooking – and they don’t stain”, continues Jenni.

“They also give you design flexibility.

“Mirror is a great way of creating an added sense of space, with lots of different tinted mirror and antique mirror options to choose from and whatever you choose, it will remain wipe clean and easy to care for.

“Back-painted glass splashbacks are also very popular.

“The shift away from greys to neutrals that we’re seeing in interior design more widely is being carried through to kitchen designs, where homeowners are using a combination of different colours from a more earth tone palette

“Glass kitchen splashbacks can be painted to whatever colour, combination of colours, or even patterned options that you choose.”

Mixed Materials
Glass works brilliantly with other materials and has long been paired with timber, metal and stone. This extends to the individual pieces of furniture in your home. Incorporating natural materials such as clay, wood, and stone into your decor which, along with glass, can create harmonious spaces that enhance well-being and connection with nature.

Up-cycling remains an on trend in interior design. Combining an unfinished or distressed piece of furniture with the perfect addition sheen of a mirrored glass table-top or sandblasted or textured patterned glass, according to Jenni creates a statement contrast.

“A glass table or cabinet top is again very practical but also elevates furniture to a whole new level”, she says.

“You might want a simple cut-to-size glass table-top to protect a timber finish from damage while retaining a natural grain; or you might want to pair the same piece of furniture with an antique effect mirror to really complement your room design.

“Replacing old timber doors with patterned or decorative glass doors also creates a contrast between materials bringing sophisticated style to otherwise run-of-the-mill furniture.”

Interior Glass Partitioning and Sliding Doors
Interior glass partitioning and sliding glass doors are a great way of defining spaces within your home, while retaining as much light as possible.

Glass partitioning can also be used to make a room feel brighter and even bigger.

“We’re seeing decorative glass used increasingly with steel-type glass partitioning and internal sliding doors”, continues Jenni.

“They create a stunning effect. You can choose whatever colours you want but my personal favourite is black. I just think the dark slimline frames bring a understated elegance to spaces.

“A lot of the interior designers that we work with are pairing decorative glass and fluted glass options with traditional or loft-house style steel interior doors and frames.

“Dependent on your room design it can complement both industrial, urban but also retaining a classic effect while bringing a little more privacy into play, making decorative glass great for home offices or ensuite bathrooms.”

Where to Buy Glass Splashbacks and Decorative Glass

Dependent on your interior design project (and competency levels), you may or may not choose to use a specialist installer.

“There are projects that you can comfortably take on yourself”, continues Jenni. “For example, if you’re up-cycling a hallway cabinet you can template or measure the surface area and your glass processor can do the rest.

“If you’re considering a kitchen splashback or installing interior glass partitioning, I’d suggest going with a pro not only for installation confidence but also to ensure any glazing meets regulation guidance.”

Glassolutions is a leading supplier of processed glass including interior and decorative glass, mirrors, shower screen glass and glass for balustrading.
Part of the Saint-Gobain Group of companies it has one of the UK’s largest glass ranges, with nationwide distribution through its network of regional outlets, working with architects, interior designers and homeowners.

Its new decorative glass range has been designed to give homeowners and interior designers maximum design flexibility with a range of sophisticated and urban decorative glass options.

Watch the video here [Link to JY Decorative Glass]

The New Saint-Gobain Glass Textured and Translucent Range:

A sophisticated glass design, MASTER-LIGNE® is functional and elegant. It gives a balanced view through a series of bright, parallel lines printed on a matt background.

FLUID’s modern and dramatic 3D effect is inspired by wave-like structures from nature and architecture. It is a very tactile glass that suggests the motion of soft flowing water.

MASTER-CARRÉ® has a unique, contemporary, luxurious appearance. It is characterised by the illusion of small, shiny evenly spaced squares, contrasting with a matt background.

ARENA C® is a classic, patterned glass design that is visually appealing, practical and smart. This timeless glass is ideal for creating bright and private spaces.

This stylish horizontal and vertical criss-cross design is refined and elegant. THELA® is lightly textured, unassuming and gentle on the eye.

Structured by two diagonals, very finely engraved, the small 3D patterns reveal a soft appearance accentuated by a matt effect. Taking inspiration from luxury goods MASTER-SOFT® creates a softer, mellow effect.

Opening spaces to a halo of light, these compact dotted lines appear to shimmer. The fine texture of MASTER-POINT® creates a private space filled with diffused light.

SATINOVO MATT® has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. It provides privacy without compromising light levels ideal for creating stunning interior designs.

“We’d say whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer, please do get in touch”, continues Jenni. “Our teams have incredible knowledge, and we have one of, if not the UK’s largest stock glass range, so we’re geared up to help you.

“If you do decide that you want to bring a specialist in, we can also help you find someone in your local area who has the right skills for the job.”

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