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Ecologic mirror MIRALITE PURE

An innovative mirror with exceptional purity

Through its ultra-simple design and its composition free of lead and solvents, MIRALITE PURE combines superior quality with reduced impact on health and the environment.


  • Design
  • Environment


MIRALITE PURE is the result of Saint-Gobain's commitment to offer more sustainable products and healthy solutions to customers.

It is made from 30% recycled glass and uses water-based rather than chemical solvents in its manufacture,  which is a real technical achievement due to the complexity of the process involved.

This advancement helps to improve indoor air quality when in the end application as it avoids the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehydes into the atmosphere, which can cause eye irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

The healthy and environmentally friendly mirror reflects high levels of light and is extremely versatile and durable for a wide range of interior design projects.

  • In the home - bathrooms and hallways etc
  • Commercial applications - offices, retail, hotels, restaurants and sports halls etc

It enables the creation of new spaces: mirror framed or unframed, wall cladding, piece of furniture (table, cupboard door, shelf), and many more.

Also suitable for cutting into different shapes; it can be drilled and edgeworked, as well as customised with logos, a sandblasted design or engraved.


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