New Online Glass Configuration Tool Launched

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Saint-Gobain Glass has launched Calumen®, a free online glass configuration and specification tool, designed to help building professionals select the right glass for their residential and commercial projects.

Calumen® is the first online tool from the company’s new collection of digital services Calumen® Suite, and replaces the former CalumenLive service.

It has been completely redesigned and will provide new functionalities through a user-friendly interface to help architects, designers, consultants, façade engineers, window fabricators, glass processors and contractors find and evaluate the most suitable glazing options for their project.

Calumen® is a digital simulation program that calculates the required technical performance and “comfort” factors that are most important to glazing projects, such as minimum light transmission, maximum solar heat gain, high performance acoustics, low external light reflectance or a host of other options. It calculates the performance of any single glass or combination of glass types and thicknesses.

New functionality includes the ability to compare multiple glass types, duplicate previous specifications, render illustrations, view certifications and utilise a comprehensive acoustic database. As a cloud-based system, Calumen® updates automatically, ensuring the next time you login, you have access to the very latest product information and technical data.

With its all-in-one design and ease-of-use features, new Calumen® is the perfect tool for finding the right glass for architectural projects of any size, including residential windows and all other applications of glass in buildings.

Available in 13 languages, new Calumen® is available at where it is quick and easy to register for an account.

Beyond this initial launch, Saint-Gobain Glass will gradually add new services and functionalities to Calumen® Suite to provide additional support to building professionals.

The name Calumen® is a combination of “calculation” and “lumen”. The lumen is the international unit for the luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time.

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