Kitchen and Bathrooms Taking The Lion’s Share of The Spend

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Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the hardest working rooms in the home, which is why homeowners are prepared to spend more on them. Household disposable incomes may be under pressure but UK homeowners are continuing to spend on home improvements, with kitchen and bathrooms taking the lion’s share of the spend.

A recent study of 3,000 homeowners by the home improvement site Houzz found that kitchens were the most popular room for renovation with an average spend of £11,500. The average spend on bathrooms was £5,000.

And according to Houzz, if anything, the slowdown in the housing market has prompted homeowners to invest for the long term.

The 2023 Houzz & Home report published in the summer finding that three out of five homeowners planned to stay in their properties for 11 years or more, with half of all homeowners planning improvements to their properties.

“House prices have shown incredible resilience”, says Jenni Young, Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions. “Despite inflation we haven’t seen anything like the double-digit falls that were forecast and while the housing market has declined, the landing has so far been significantly softer.

“As two rooms in the home where we spend a lot of time, kitchens and bathrooms top homeowners lists of home improvements – and they’re still spending.”

In addition to its core merchanting business, Glassolutions has recently expanded its glass processing capability. This gives it the capacity to process a wider range of products including kitchen splashbacks, fully prepped shower screens, and cut to size mirror, delivered locally through its regional hub network.

“We’re seeing demand from a number of different areas”, continues Jenni. “We work with a lot of kitchen and bathroom fit-out specialists, people who are working with glass on a daily basis but buy-in product.

“We also work with a growing number of glass processors who have their own capacity but who perhaps don’t want to interrupt core production or who don’t have the capability to manufacture more complex products, for example templated splashbacks and who’d rather save themselves the headache and buy them in.”

A Flexible Offer

This is where the Glassolutions model comes into its own. With one of the UK’s largest, if not the largest glass ranges, Glassolutions carries an extensive range of product in stock, nationwide – that’s around 880 tonnes of glass and mirrored product in stock at any one time.

With a regional network of six hubs and flexible delivery, it also brings it closer to the customer, including delivery direct to site using its fleet of HIABs.

“We have the flexibility to turn things around very quickly because of our stock holding”, continues Jenni. “That includes delivery of packs or even single sheets to customers but also processed glass, because nine times out of 10, we hold product in stock.


This includes its mirror ranges. A mainstay in bathroom designs, its being used according to Jenni in a growing number of applications around the home including mirrored walls and kitchen and bathroom splashbacks.

“Mirror is a good example. It’s increasingly being used right throughout the home but is obviously used extensively in bathroom and often kitchen design”, she says.

“A lot of glass processors will carry limited mirror ranges in stock but not necessarily want to tie-up too much cash in holding it.

“We can supplement their own stock holding but can also pick-up processing work so they can still control and own supply but not have to hold product or disrupt their core production.”

Glassolutions supplies Miralite Pure from parent-group, Saint-Gobain Glass. Made from 30% recycled glass and using water-based rather than chemical solvents in manufacture, it provides a high level of light, is extremely durable – and is fully processable. Tint options include grey, clear, and bronze.

Glassolutions also supplies Miralite Antique and Miralite Versailles, Saint-Gobain’s vintage mirror ranges, available in bronze, grey and clear options to complement your home design.

“If you’re a glass processor you may not want to hold the complete Miralite range in stock but you can supply it as if you do because we can process it for you and supply finished product to you with your usual order”, Jenni explains.

“Alternatively, if you’re in the fit-out space we can process mirror for you and deliver to you or if required and dependent on location direct to site.”

A New Decorative Glass Range Perfect For Defining Kitchen Spaces or Providing Privacy in Bathrooms

Glassolutions also supplies Saint-Gobain’s new decorative glass range. With a range of sophisticated and urban decorative glass options it upgrades decorative glass from kitsch to cool with a flexible choice of design options.

“Our decorative glass range can do lots of different things. For example, it can be used in glazed units to provide privacy, in internal partitioning and in shower screens, so it’s perfect for a bathroom environment where each of those individual elements can come into play”, Jenni says.

“We’re also seeing it used in a kitchen environment to define kitchen spaces but still allow the transfer of light and a level of flow between them.”

Watch the video here [Link to JY Decorative Glass]

The new Saint-Gobain Textured and Translucent Glass Range:

A sophisticated glass design, MASTER-LIGNE® is functional and elegant. It gives a balanced view through a series of bright, parallel lines printed on a matt background.

FLUID’s modern and dramatic 3D effect is inspired by wave-like structures from nature and architecture. It is a very tactile glass that suggests the motion of soft flowing water.

MASTER-CARRÉ® has a unique, contemporary, luxurious appearance. It is characterised by the illusion of small, shiny evenly spaced squares, contrasting with a matt background.

ARENA C® is a classic, patterned glass design that is visually appealing, practical and smart. This timeless glass is ideal for creating bright and private spaces.

This stylish horizontal and vertical criss-cross design is refined and elegant. THELA® is lightly textured, unassuming and gentle on the eye.

Structured by two diagonals, very finely engraved, the small 3D patterns reveal a soft appearance accentuated by a matt effect. Taking inspiration from luxury goods MASTER-SOFT® creates a softer, mellow effect.

Opening spaces to a halo of light, these compact dotted lines appear to shimmer. The fine texture of MASTER-POINT® creates a private space filled with diffused light.

SATINOVO MATT® has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance. It provides privacy without compromising light levels ideal for creating stunning interior designs.

Jenni continues “There are lots of things out there in the world that make our homes a very important place of sanctuary. Kitchens are a place where we gather with friends and family; bathrooms are a place to relax and forget about your worries.

“People are prepared to spend on them, are doing more research and investing more time in designing spaces.

“Glass is a go to material for bathrooms and increasingly kitchen spaces.

“With masses of product in stock and one of the UK’s most advanced processing capability we can supply an extensive range of ready-to-fit product; or processed product to supply to your own customers without the complexity or cost of holding or ordering sheet material and processing it.”

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