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First EPD provider

in the glass market

SAINT-GOBAIN provides transparent and verified environmental information.

We offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) of our glazing to our customers. This document, based on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), describes in detail the environmental footprint of our flat glass, from raw material extraction to production and processing (called “cradle-to-grave”). The declarations are made according to international standards (EN 15804 and ISO 14025 norms) and are third-party verified, ensuring data quality and reliability.


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By providing EPDs, Saint-Gobain supports its customers including architects, engineering companies and general contractors whose projects aim to obtain a green building certification like LEED, BREEAM or DGNB. In addition, Saint-Gobain allows them to choose the best product by comparing data – as the methodology is scientific and internationally recognised – and also to conduct the Life Cycle Analysis at building level with all materials (concrete, glass, metal...).

A long-standing commitment towards environmental transparency

Saint-Gobain is the first glass manufacturer in the world to have conducted LCAs in 2011 and nowadays has the most EPDs available on the market covering 17 product solutions and more than 170 glazing configurations.

The following products covered by a specific product EPD and verified by a third-party are available on Environdec and Saint-Gobain Green Buildings Website


EPD Europe
*these products have an EPD; however, they are not available in the UK


A driver for eco-innovation

The approach taken by Saint-Gobain is based on awareness and improvement of the environmental footprint of its glazing solutions throughout their life cycle.

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By conducting LCA and providing EPD, we considered the environmental impacts that affect climate change, human health, eco-systems (biodiversity), non-renewable resources and much more.

LCA methodology allows obtaining a clear picture of products’ impacts in order to easily identify strengths and weaknesses to drive our eco-innovation roadmap.

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