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Privacy glass


Privacy glass

In response to the increasing demand for the highest possible transparency and neutrality in glass for architecturally interesting buildings and interior design projects, Saint-Gobain presents its latest design glass: Visiosun.

By letting natural light flood in, whilst maintaining privacy, Visiosun provides an interesting design element, helping you create dynamic designs for your interior design and glazed facade projects.


Visiosun features parallel lines that create a reeded glass effect. This directional pattern can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Visiosun offers a highly neutral appearance due to the extra clear substrate used in its production, allowing for light and privacy to go hand in hand while also personalising any space. Light refractions on the delicate looking structure create a surprising dynamic while flawless textures and tones capture the industrial flair of loft living.


Because of its extremely high colour neutrality and transparency, Visiosun is ideal for making spaces both bright and private, with a vast creative scope.

Accentuated Interior glass design:
•    Doors and partitions
•    Attractive visual protection in offices
•    Shower and bath screens 
•    Filling element for doors and display cases
•    Design element in furniture such as shelves, tabletops and countertops.

External architecture:
•    Subtle accents in canopies, parapets or facades 
•    Suitable for the decoration of residential, offices or commercial premises

•    Visiosun provides privacy without sacrificing natural light. 
•    The textured glass diffuses and spreads light giving the impression of increased space in smaller areas.
•    The stylish design provides a personalised and timeless effect in all environments. 
•    A relaxed, private and intimate atmosphere is created 
•    Visiosun is easy to keep clean and is low maintenance.