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The "Het schaep" home

A living room extension out onto the back garden was required for a two-storey private residential building with a classic Dutch clinker façade. The office of bever architecten, Eindhoven, chose a design that visualized the single-storey extension as a distinctive, independent structure but at the same time, rendered the transitions from the existing building to the new building and, above all, from the building to the garden virtually invisible.

Maximum transparency is enabled for the extension thanks to the floor-to-ceiling, undivided CLIMATOP ULTRA N thermal insulation window panes,  and, when viewed from the garden, it is discernible only from the roof and its supporting pillars and buttresses. At the same time, the 6.6 x 2.6 m glass panes have been selected so that the widths of the windows match the horizontal rhythm of the grid formed by the roof supports. There almost appears to be  no physical glass partition, but merely the structure of the overhanging roof and its supporting elements.

This impression is underscored by large sliding doors, some of which open on corners, allowing a smooth transition from the inside to the outside in good weather. The side facing the road, which has been designed with the same transparency, has a moveable screen and glare protection, whilst on the garden side, the projecting roof and the existing trees prevent excessive sunlight entering the extension. This preserves the distinctive view from the open architecture of the new building to the self-contained garden  at all times of the day and during all seasons.


Detailed Description of the Project

Completion & location

2017, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


de bever architecten, Eindhoven, NL


XXL panes measuring 6.60 x 2.60 m

Glass manufacturer

Saint-Gobain Building Glass

Glass finisher

Thiele Glas